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New customer? - How to choose an electricity supplier

What you should know about electric power supply when entering a grid rental contract.

For electric power supply you will need two agreements

  • An agreement with your local grid owner (TrønderEnergi Nett AS). You will recive a letter in wich we confirm that you now have entered into an agreement with us regarding transmission of electricity. 
  • An agreement with an electricity supplier. You are free to choose from the list of electricity suppliers enclosed. We must inform you that if you have not chosen a supplier, TrønderEnergi Nett AS is obliged to deliver your electricity - Leveringsplikt. This type of delivery (electricity supplied under statutory duty) is normally more expensive than electricity purchased from an ordinary electricity supplier. If you already have an agreement with an electricity supplier, please disregard this notification. 

About “Leveringsplikt”

If you do not have an agreement with an energy supplier, the grid owner will initially supply you with electricity, "Leveringsplikt". This is regarded as temporary until you make your choice of electricity supplier.

Current prices for supply from network operator:
This type of supply is normally a more expensive option. For the first six weeks, the cost is the market price (spot) + a premium of 6,25 øre/kWh incl. VAT. If you do not choose an electricity supplier within six weeks, the premium will increase to 25 øre/kWh incl. VAT.

If you enter into an agreement with an electricity supplier within 30 days after initiating your network connection with TrønderEnergi Nett AS, this agreement will cancel the temporary supply from the network operator.

How to choose an electricity supplier

It is easy to choose an electricity supplier. You can switch electricity supplier at any time, the choice is yours. We have supplied a list of available electricity supplier in our grid area. Please contact a supplier of your choice, and list the following information:

“Målepunkt ID”
Meter number
Date of birth/organization number
Name and address

List of electricity suppliers in your local grid area.        
For more information regarding the Norwegian power market, please visit:
- NVE (The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate)
- Forbrukerrådet (The Norwegian Consumer Council) http://www.strompris.no/en.

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