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Easier. Safer. Smarter. 

We will soon be upgrading your electricity meter

We will be visiting you to install a smart meter (automatic electricity meter) with modern technology that automatically measures your electricity consumption – 24 hours a day.

What is a smart meter?
A smart meter will replace the meter currently in your service cabinet. The new digital meter will record your electricity consumption and send the reading to your electricity provider once an hour, saving you the need to read your meter.

What are the benefits for me?
• It will be Easier – you will not need to read your meter
• It will be Safer – the new meter will help us to more accurately locate any faults and then fix these   more quickly
• It will be Smarter – your meter will continually record your electricity consumption and, if you wish, your meter can be connected to energy management systems. You can choose any supplier to provide additional equipment for these systems
• You will be able to monitor your electricity consumption more easily

How does the new automatic meter work?
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Why am I getting a new meter?
The electricity network in Norway is being modernised, and new smart meters will be a key part of the new infrastructure. Smart meters will provide Norway with a safer and more flexible electricity network, and reduce the need for future network expansions.

When will I get a new meter?
You will receive a new smart meter by 1 January 2019. We will start installing the first meters in autumn 2016. You will be sent information well ahead of our visit.
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